Status Page

  • Old Site Offline Complete
  • DNS Propagation Complete
  • Old Forums Archive (Read-Only) Complete
  • Front Page Placeholder Complete
  • Basic Costume Pages Complete
  • Album Pages Complete
  • Basic Profiles Complete
  • Basic Photo Page Complete
  • Series/Character Pages Complete
  • Main Photos Page Complete
  • Avatars Complete
  • Profile Links Complete
  • User Logins enabled Complete
  • Adding/Editing of albums Complete
  • Costume Editing Complete
  • Photo Editing Complete
  • Add costumes, photo uploading ETA 2-3 days
  • New User Registrations Open Early January
  • Newest Features enabled After everything else
Fri Dec 28, 3AM Eastern

Just a quick update - a lot of things have been added/fixed/re-enabled. The only major things left are adding new costumes and uploading photos, which should be ready in the next few days.

Tues Dec 18, 11PM Eastern

Editing of costume information is re-enabled.

Tues Dec 18, 4AM Eastern

Editing of photo album information is re-enabled.

Friday Dec 14, 4AM Eastern

Some small updates happened in the background, mostly cleaning up a few final things before the main updates start going live. Right now I'm anticipating having costume adding/editing re-enabled around Sunday evening.

Tue Dec 11, 1PM Eastern

A bunch of smaller things were added over the past few days. For logged in users, your settings page is now active with more sections coming soon. Also, albums are now showing up on profiles.

Thu Dec 6, 10PM Eastern

Logins are enabled again.

Thu Dec 6, 5AM Eastern

The login beta is complete - a small bug was found but has been fixed. I will be re-opening logins again Thursday evening and we should hopefully be fine from there.

Wed Dec 5, 8PM Eastern

Logins will be ready for testing very late tonight, and should be open for good Thurs afternoon.

Tue Dec 4, 2:30PM Eastern

Basic profile links working, some cleanup done around the site to fix a few layout quirks.

Tue Dec 4, 6AM Eastern

Avatars are showing properly again. Also, the archived forums have moved over to a new URL format, with additional cleanup done in preparation for re-enabling BBCode. Some BBCode is working, URL's and images are left to enable.

Sun Dec 2, 5:11PM Eastern

User logins have been moved back one extra day because of some extra work being done in the archived forums. As it stands right now, Avatars should be up by Tuesday morning, logins by Tuesday evening.

Sun Dec 2, 4:30AM Eastern

Lots of fixes to the archived forums, including fixing quotation marks in titles and posts, and removing some unnecessary BBCodes (colors, font size) prior to getting the BBCode working again.

Fri Nov 30, 9:45AM Eastern

Comments are now displaying in photos and costumes.

Thu Nov 29, 6:10AM Eastern

A lot of smaller stuff is being worked on in the background, so status updates aren't being posted as often. Right now I anticipate the logins to be ready by Sunday, but shooting for earlier.

Mon Nov 26, 3:35AM Eastern

A basic photo browser has been pushed live.

Photos and costumes now link to user profiles.

Basic profiles have been enabled though they will only show profiles with costumes for now. The profiles will be expanded upon next.

Sun Nov 25, 9:35PM Eastern

Character pages are now live.

Sun Nov 25, 1:35PM Eastern

Basic series listing is now live.

Sun Nov 25, 1AM Eastern

Basic photo pages are live.

Sat Nov 24, 9:49PM Eastern

Very basic profiles and photo pages will be going live overnight. These will not show the final version until after everything else is live, but I'm putting up basic versions for now so that the number of broken links on the site is reduced.

(By basic photo pages, I mean they will simply show the photo and info, no next/prev thumbs or comments)

We have expanded profiles coming, but those will only be available for active users at first (e.g. must log in to activate the new profile).

Sat Nov 24, 5:45AM Eastern

Individual photo galleries are now working. The images will open into a lightbox until the individual photo pages are enabled.

Special galleries (such as a main user gallery) will appear once the profiles go live.

Sat Nov 24, 1AM Eastern

The main costumes section is live, with simple browsing by 'last updated' enabled.

Friday Nov 23, 5PM Eastern

Individual costume pages are now live, though they are not showing any comments for now. Comments will be added back at the end of the upgrade.

The other costume-centric pages, such as the main costume gallery as well as series/character database, will be next to update for this section.

Friday Nov 23, 7:30AM Eastern

Front page is now live. The front page will have the latest update along with more details on what to expect from the site upgrade.

Costumes are working but I'm adding a few things in the background for them. Up later today.

Friday Nov 23, 3:20AM Eastern

Currently working on getting read-only costume pages up, hopefully this will be finished early morning.

Once that is finished, I will be putting up a temporary front page as well, where more detailed updates will be posted.

Thursday Nov 22, 5:40PM Eastern

The archived forums are live (threads and subforum pages) and currently being tested to make sure we don't need any additional capacity.

I may take them down temporarily a few times during the evening.

Thursday Nov 22, 3:30AM Eastern

The archived forums are complete, however due to how late it is right now I'm going to wait until regular hours before making them go live.

Costumes and Albums (read-only version) are about 90% complete and should hopefully be up late Thursday/overnight. Once those are live, I'll also start posting updates on the front page of the main site.

Wednesday Nov 21, 7:45PM Eastern

This will also be posted on the front page of the site when it goes live again, but as other sections are opening earlier I am posting it here as well:

The site is going live one section at a time. Some of these sections will not utilize the final design until all sections have been opened back up. Because of this, please ignore the overall look and interface of the site until it is 100% live again.

The best example I can give is that we don't want a bunch of broken links to sections that aren't open yet, so the navigation will be one of the last things to be added and will thus impact the overall design. It's easier to just have a basic design during read-only mode, up until the final piece has been re-enabled.

Wednesday Nov 21, 3:50PM Eastern

We're effectively at around 100% propagated, so that phase is being marked as completed.

The first section to go live will be the archive of the old forums, and that should be complete late tonight. After that we'll be bringing up costumes. Hopefully that'll be finished overnight as well. Updates will be posted as things progress.

Tuesday November 20, 9:30PM Eastern

Currently it looks like around 85% of our visitors are reaching the new site, so things are progressing as expected and we should be close to 100% by morning.

On Wednesday evening we'll begin working on getting the old content appearing section by section, though it will probably be some time on Thursday before the majority of it goes live.

Tuesday November 20, 4:00AM Eastern

The old site has been completely archived and we are waiting for our DNS to propagate. This can take around 24 hours to occur.

Once the DNS propagation is complete, we will begin to push the new site version live, and it will be set to read-only mode for the first 48 hours or so (more info on this in prior updates below.)

For anyone unaware of what is occurring - we have a brand new site version built from the ground up, in a very clean format, and much easier to use. All of your prior costumes and photos will re-appear once the new version goes live. More details will be posted throughout the next day or two.

Thursday November 15, 5:20PM Eastern

A quick comment on why we will be disabling photo/costume editing for the first couple of days - with the new user login system, it is anticipated that there will be a few users who will need personal assistance with things like password reset emails or login access.

During the first day or two after logins are re-enabled, we will be concentrating solely on any account issues to make sure everything is working properly. Once things look to be running smoothly, photo/costume uploads will be enabled again. During that time, the new forums will be open for limited posting.

Thursday November 8, 4:20PM Eastern

All of the old forum threads and posts have been imported. Unused accounts have been purged from the system (i.e. any accounts that never logged in again after registering). Orphan thread and post cleanup complete.

Important note: As mentioned a few times already, we will be using a cleaner, more streamlined forum on the new site. All previous forum threads are being archived and will display in read-only format. If you are currently contributing to a popular thread on the forums and would like to continue it, please make a similar thread again once the site re-opens.

Wednesday November 7, 8:20PM Eastern

Old forums are currently being archived. Any forum posts on the old site after this time will not be imported to the new site, as we are utilizing a new forums format moving forward.

Wednesday November 7, 5:50PM Eastern

Status page created.

Updates with more details on the progress of the site change will be posted here.